Ph.D. Program in Law and Psychology

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Admissions Deadline

Applictions for fall 2022 are now open. The application deadline is December 15, 2021.

Admissions Materials

You can submit your application to our program by clicking the button at the top of the page or by visiting the ASU Graduate College admissions page. When you apply, you will be asked which campus you are applying to. It does not matter which one you choose (see our FAQ for more information). 

1) Undergraduate Transcripts. This is specifically from the institution that awarded / will award your undergraduate degree and any other institutions from which you took relevant coursework. Note that we particularly focus on the last two years / 60 credits of your undergraduate coursework as well as courses that are specifically relevant to psychology.

2) Graduate Transcripts (if any). Students who have or will have a masters degree should submit graduate transcripts as well.

3) GRE-General Scores. The GRE General test scores are required and cannot be waived. GRE-subject tests are not required. [Note: in 2021, the GRE can be taken in a socially distant and/or at-home format, so we are continuing to require GRE scores]

4) Personal Statement. This is a 2-3 page statement outlining your motivation and preparation for doctoral study. In your statement, be sure to indicate which faculty members you are interested in working with.

5) Curriculum Vitae / Resume. This is optional, but encouraged. Especially relevant is any academic work (conference presentations, papers, etc) that you've completed.

6) Three letters of recommendation. These letters should ideally be from college/university faculty who are familiar with your research and academic work.

Students with incomplete applications may not be considered for admission.

Admissions Standards & Requirements

Students entering our PhD program must have at least a bachelor's degree in psychology, criminology, or a related field from an accredited university.

Our admissions process is competitive, and we value applicants who have demonstrated interest and experience in psychology and law. We evaluate applicants holistically, and we do not have minimum cutoff scores for GPA or GRE. However, our successful applicants typically have strong grades (3.5+ in their junior/senior level coursework), strong GRE scores (315-320+), and research experience in some area of psychology (e.g., serving as a research assistant).