Our Faculty

We are one of the largest groups of law and psychology scholars in the world.

Our faculty hold editorial positions in top journals, leadership positions in our scholarly societies, are winners of myriad national and international awards for their scholarly contributions to the field, and have extensive experience with obtaining funding from top agencies. The diversity of our faculty specializations spanning Psychology, Law, Criminology, and Social Work creates a truly interdisciplinary environment to investigate the intersection of Behavioral Sciences and the Law.

Jose Ashford
Professor, School of Social Work

Current Research: Forensic and correctional mental health; criminal justice diversion & sentencing alternatives; managing and treating violence risks; community prosecution; procedural justice; death-penalty mitigation
Brian Bornstein
Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Current Research:  juror decision making, in both civil and criminal cases, and eyewitness memory. He also conducts research on jailhouse informants and the history of psychology and law.
Linda DemaineLinda Demaine
Professor, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

Current Research: deceptive advertising; undue influence; evolutionary theory of law; celebrity entertainers' participation in public policy
Ira EllmanIra Ellman
Professor Emeritus, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

Current Research: examining the factors, both substantive and methodological, that influence individual judgments about appropriate legal rules
Adam FineAdam Fine
Assistant Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Current Research: Juvenile justice; transitional age youth (TAY) justice; procedural justice; youth perceptions of law enforcement and the justice system; development within the justice system context
Hank Fradella
Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Current Research: Judicial use, acceptability, and understanding of forensic and behavioral evidence; mental health issues in correctional populations; social psychology of media depictions of law and justice-related issues
Alissa KnowlesAlissa Knowles
Lecturer, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Current Research: juvenile delinquency and antisocial behavior, individual-level predictors of delinquency (future expectations, maturity); effect of juvenile justice system involvement on adolescent outcomes.
Karey OHaraKarey O'Hara
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Current Research: family law, high-conflict divorce, parenting time decisions, child mental health, juvenile justice, intervention science
Dustin Pardini
Associate Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Current Research: biopsychosocial factors underlying the development of criminal behavior and psychopathic personality; evaluating the impact that early psychosocial interventions can have on these problems.


Tess Neal
Assistant Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Current Research: reasoning, inference, and decision making among forensic experts, jurors, and judges; effectiveness and validity of expert testimony; forensic and correctional psychology
Michael Saks
Regents' Professor, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

Current Research: decision-making within the legal system (especially regarding the use of expert evidence) and legal policy designed to reduce medical error
Jessica Salerno
Associate Professor, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Current Research: emotion, intergroup dynamics, and legal decision making; jury deliberation processes; evaluations of expert testimony
Nick SchweitzerNick Schweitzer
Director, Law and Behavioral Science
Associate Professor, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Current Research: use and understanding of scientific evidence; scientific evidence of mental health and mental states; jury decision making; law and neuroscience
Laura SmalarzLaura Smalarz
Assistant Professor, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Current Research: Eyewitness identification and testimony; perceptions of the wrongfully convicted; police interrogation and false confessions; social biases in the criminal justice system
Stacia Stolzenberg
Assistant Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Current Research: Children’s reports of maltreatment in legal settings, especially contemporary practices for interviewing children that simultaneously develop novel methods for increasing accurate reports without increasing false allegations
Rick Trinkner
Assistant Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Current Research: Broadly speaking, my research seeks to understand why people follow rules and defer to authority and how regulatory agencies can best foster support from those they serve.