Undergraduate Programs

ASU offers BA and BS concentrations in Forensic Psychology both on-campus and online.

Our undergraduate Forensic Psychology programs are open for admissions and transfer! These programs lead to a bachelor's degree (either a BA or BS) in Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology, and are offered both on-campus and online.

The curriculum is similar to a traditional psychology degree but with additional specialized coursework in forensic psychology, legal psychology, criminology, and criminal law. In addition, the BS version of our program requires additional science and statistics courses compared to the BA.

Our programs are designed to teach students about the various roles for psychologists in the legal system and help them discover which roles they might like to pursue through careers in mental health, criminal justice or through graduate training. It is important to note that, while there are some career opportunities that only require a Bachelor’s Degree (e.g., police officer, criminal justice administration, corrections, mental health technician), many other careers in forensic psychology require graduate training.

For more information or to apply to our on-campus program, click here: BA Program | BS Program.

For more information or to apply to our ASU Online program, click here: Online BA | Online BS.