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Spring 2020 Law and Behavioral Science Meeting
January 3, 2019 | ASU California Center | Santa Monica, CA

Fall 2019 Speaker Series
Tess Neal (ASU) | Kristy Martire (UNSW) | Stephanie Madon (Iowa State) | Max Guyll (Iowa State) | Bethany Growns (ASU)

2018-2019 Speaker Series
Adam Fine (ASU) | Eric Hehman (McGill) | Carly Giffin (ASU) | Janice Nadler (Northwestern) | Tom Tyler (Yale) | Brian Bornstein (UNL / NSF)


Recent News

ASU awarded $1.4M to house the National Science Foundation Law & Science Dissertation Grant program.

Law and Behavioral Science Initiative wins 2020 President's Award for Innovation

New research from Karey O'Hara on partner contact and stress after divorce appears in Clinical Psychological Science.

Tess Neal named Outstanding Faculty Mentor by the ASU Graduate College

Psychological Assessment in Legal Contexts: Are Courts Keeping “Junk Science” Out of the Courtroom? Read the paper or watch the AAAS Press Briefing of this major project led by Tess Neal

We are happy to welcome three new faculty members: Laura Smalarz, Karey O'Hara, and Alissa Knowles

PhD student Emily Denne awarded a 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Tess Neal writes on the history and relation of Forensic Psychology and Correctional Psychology in American Psychologist

Jessica Salerno named 2018 Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science

Michael Saks was selected as the 2017 recipient of the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Law and Psychology from the American Psychology-Law Society.

Jessica Salerno was selected as the 2017 recipient of the Saleem Shaw Early Career Award from the American Psychology-Law Society and American Academy of Forensic Psychology.

Hank Fradella was selected as the 2017 recipient of the Richard Tewksbury Award from the Western Society of Criminology. This award represents outstanding scholarly contributions to and activism on the intersection of crime, justice, sex, and sexuality.

Tess Neal was distinguished as a 2016 Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science.

Nick Schweitzer & Jessica Salerno were selected for their research project on how biological explanations for behavior affect legal and moral judgments about wrongdoing. Tess Neal was selected for her research project on how experts are socialized to learn the ethical boundaries of their field.

Nick Schweitzer & Michael Saks’ research funded by the National Institute of Justice, entitled “Science, Technology, or the Expert Witness: What Influences Jurors' Judgments About Forensic Science Testimony?” is forthcoming in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.

In the News: Ira Ellman on reforming sex offender laws (original article here)

Stacia Stolzenberg was awarded a New Investigator Award from the National Institute of Justice for her research project on children’s allegations of sexual abuse in criminal trials.

Jessica Salerno receives a grant from the National Science Foundation to investigate the impact of gruesome photographs in jurors decision making.

Michael Saks has been ranked among the 250 overall most-cited legal scholars.

Tess Neal has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Saleem Shaw Early Career Award from the American Psychology-Law Society and American Academy of Forensic Psychology.

Recent book: Michael Saks has recently published a book entitled, The Psychological Foundations of Evidence Law (Psychology and the Law).